David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

"...except for MISE..."

As I've been continuing to learn about (and pull out my hair over) using the CSS float property, one problem that I keep running into is that my typical layouts use tables that (correctly) size themselves to conform to the width and height of the cell's content. It seems that I can't even center a CSS block correctly without forcing a specific width, nor align two div's that don't necessarily share the same height. Then the articles that I find that address these things offer complex solutions to force the browsers to do what they already know how to do with tables (with further complexities to tiptoe around the plethora of ever-changing MSIE bugs). OK, OK, I get the whole "separate content from presentation" argument for avoiding tables when it's not actually tabular data, but wouldn't you think that someone would've already figured out a way to tap into the browser's basic abilities to center and size, and still communicate this using CSS?
Tags: fec book, fsycs, webdev
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