David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

PayPal Buttons

I've been playing with PHP, CSS, and PayPal integration, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Ooo... look at the shiny buttons:

No database for this one; I was able to just use a simplistic require:
$school = 'Old Forge Elementary School';
$city   = 'Old Forge 18518';
$grade  = 'K-6';
$quan   = '600';
$price  = '1,440';
$button = 'LK5Y94A7EJLML';
require   '../includes/opp.php'; 

Also, GoDaddy just recently updated their file management control panel to allow drag-and-drop, which made it a lot easier and fun to experiment with the different files. At some point, I want to use Windows 7's native FTP support for a similar effect, but this'll do for now. (Windows XP has this, as well, but they made it so difficult to add/edit FTP sites that it almost wasn't worth it.)

Also, Mozy has been doing exactly what it is supposed to, running incremental backups a few times a day. My old machine was so creaky that I ran these manually, which yielded the predicable result that my backup had been three weeks out-of-date when the disk (literally) crashed. That was one seriously expensive lesson.
Tags: computer, sak, webdev
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