David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Email from website

I want a form that sends me email from potential clients who visit SafeAmericanKids.com. Ironically, this is where I started way back in '95, when I started the service that eventually morphed into Freedback.com. Just for grins, I took a look at the site, but the free version won't meet my needs, and I don't want to pay for it. :-) (Maybe I shouldda negotiated a lifetime Platinum account when I sold Freedback? LOL!) I uploaded a simple script to the SAK site, and, after some head-banging, I found that it did work, albeit with a two-hour delay. Gmail flagged it as spam, to boot, due to it being hosted on GoDaddy, and I'm sorta coming to the conclusion that they're right. Luckily, I have authenticated SMTP service with my RackSpace hosting, and I can just as easily use that, and even still keep the web script hosted on GoDaddy. It's looking like ini_set() for auth_username/password may not be working for some reason with PHP's mail(), so I may need to use PEAR instead, but that shouldn't be a huge deal. I'll get there....
Tags: sak, webdev
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