David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Source Video

Installed Sony Vegas Movie Studio on the new computer. Found a second reason (in addition to the video/audio synch issue) why I need to find an alternative to VLC Media Player for capturing webcam video: VLC generates AVI files, and Vegas apparently doesn't accept those. (Huh?) Converting from AVI to MP4 using http://Zamzar.com . Dropped the size from 83meg to 4meg as an added bonus. Hrm, but Vegas doesn't like that, either; it crashed, twice. Let's try MPG... I had Zamzar go from MP4 to MPG, just because of the size, and Vegas loaded it, the audio's ok, but the video's practically nonexistent... what's going on!? :-( VLC confirms that it was the conversion, not Vegas; video's checkered and smeared. So let's try converting from AVI to MPG on Zamzar {sigh}.... There; that worked! Vegas likes it. :-)

And yes, EW, I'll try CamStudio.org, but I just realized something: Vegas has its own Capture Video function! Not sure how it's stored, but obviously, there wouldn't be any compatibility issues, (one would hope).
Tags: sak, video creation
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