David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Logo Bumpers

We finally finished the logo "bumper" (to be added at the beginning and/or end of larger videos). There are actually two versions; one doesn't have the "dot com", for cases where the voiceover marketplace has strict rules about advertising external websites. I guess there's also a second pair, for audio-only situations; to listen to these, play the videos below and close your eyes. ;-) This has been quite a collaborative effort, probably my largest to-date. (A bit amusing, seeing as each bumper is only seven seconds long.) Details on that below.

I ended up using a total of 13 tracks to mix everyone's individual efforts together, along with the music bed that I built with the g200kg online synthesizer, and here's the final result:

Logo graphic: Nisha Bhakare (India)
Animation: Stefany Sifontes (Venezuela)

Primary voice: David Beroff (United States)
Tagline voice: Gayle Lieberman (United States)
Primary sound effects: Joseph Brummel Bayangos (Philippines)
Secondary sound effects: MusicRadioCreative.com (United Kingdom)
Music bed: g200kg WebModular Synthesizer (Japan)

Outsourcing marketplace: Upwork
Audio/Video editing: David Beroff

"...from Sea to Shining Sea!"
Song: America, The Beautiful (1895)
Composer: Samuel Augustus Ward
Lyrics: Katharine Lee Bates
Arranger: Phil Hamm
Sheet Music: Free-Scores.com
Tags: aaa, marketing, music, outsourcing, video, video creation, voice
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