David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Kitty-Litter-Jug Microphone Mount, version 2

As I mentioned before, in an attempt to squelch more undesired noise, I've now replaced the empty kitty-litter jug with a full one. The prior Auralex structure around the mic sort of collapsed, so I built a new one, this time using a cardboard box for better rigidity. As a bonus, the Auralex foam mostly didn't even have to be taped into place; everything simply held wherever I jammed it. No foam was wasted; I was able to re-use everything from before. The total size is smaller, so less foam, and now better visibility when I read from the screen. I'm real proud of the result; it seems rather effective, even though it looks a bit silly:

Tags: voice
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