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  • Wed, 04:30: AVP
  • Wed, 04:57: TSA usual pain. Glad early; zoo.
  • Wed, 08:22: ATL. Early. Slept whole 2h flight. Good start 2 19h travel day. Very bright am.
  • Wed, 08:57: Free wi-fi @ ATL, but insecure & 5Mbps, so can't work, email, etc.
  • Wed, 10:05: Looks like next flight ATL > ABQ is also running on time. Boarding soon.
  • Wed, 14:10: ABQ. Slept maybe an hour, then alternated reading & watching out the window.
  • Wed, 15:37: An hour later, my ride's still not here; not answering cell, txt, email.
  • Wed, 17:31: Decided 2 rent car.
  • Wed, 18:37: Finally reached Sandia Peak 10,300'. Feldspar. Pieces of 1955 crashed plane.
  • Wed, 20:36: Between traffic & getting horribly lost, I made it 2 Petroglyph Nat'l Mon't JUST as it got so dark that I couldn't c a thing!! (Cry)
  • Wed, 21:36: Where'd they hide the fuel door release lever!? Cat Lady 2 the rescue; she found it! $1.5/gal! Returned car.
  • Wed, 22:38: Arr LAM 8:30.
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