November 11th, 2012


Return to Sender

"Return to sender, address unknown....
No such number, no such zone."
-- "Return to Sender", written by Winfield Scott and Otis Blackwell, recorded and published by Elvis Presley

A Rackspace rep was saying that the reason why I was having difficulties in sending email out from the website was because outbound email has to go through the same server as what one uses for inbound email. That's typical but not required.

Even though I'm using Google Apps, not Rackspace, for my inbound email, I tried using the Rackspace control panel to create an email user who will never receive mail, (because my mail doesn't go to Rackspace). I configured the username "sender" (at with the full name "Elvis Presley", and that worked; I'm now able to send mail out (from the unmonitored From: address of noreply at through the website! :-)

I also added an SPF record to announce that Rackspace is permitted to send mail out on my behalf.

Starting the Entity-Relationship Diagram

I'm starting to play with to create an entity-relationship diagram for I also figured it was time to learn a bit of formalism as far as how to use Crow's Foot notation. (My hazy memory of the one undergrad Database class that was available at Rutgers somewhere around '82 or '83 is that there was far more focus on how data was physically stored on disks, {yawn}, and a lot less high-level theory; I'm not even sure that SQL was anything more than science-fiction at that time.)

I'm a very visual type of person; it really helps me to nail down ideas when I can see them in front of me.

I also know that a lot of key decisions made at this point will affect future events. For example, one (minor) frustration I have with YouTube is that, other than with the annotations, you can't edit your videos. So, you might develop lots of inbound links and embeds to a particular video, and if you need to make a change in the future, you're pretty much out of luck. Sure, you can delete and re-upload, but then you lose your view count, search engine position, inbound traffic, and so on. So, even though an Opinion will only have one Audio at any given time, I'll allow them to be replaced (and possibly restored?).

I'm not going to post the whole thing publicly, but let me know if you want to get a private copy as it develops.