August 19th, 2013


One out of two

Fixed up a couple of bugs, (some of them not even mine), and now it looks like I ported the first (of two) Accountify files correctly. Admittedly, the other file is much larger, but now I have my arms wrapped around what's needed to get this done.

I like how Notepad++ is able to search over all files in a directory (and optionally, in all subdirectories, as well). But how come there isn't a way to then right-click on a search result to select the ability to open that file, (or jump there, if it's already open), at the location where the target was found? That would make so much more sense! Can someone make that happen... please?

Oh, and on the day-job front, yesterday was the first of about two weeks of six-to-eight hour days instead of just four. The first day was supposed to place two segments reasonably close to each other, but I ended up with a 2+ hour break, so I went home for a bit and then went back. On the second shift, we had a system-wide failure which ended up being a result of two groups not quite communicating a certain number correctly with each other. Thankfully, everything got resolved within an hour, which was far better than when the Mars Climate Orbiter was completely lost due to a similar communications failure.