August 23rd, 2013


"Trusted Computing" backdoor

Now there is a new set of specifications out, creatively dubbed TPM 2.0. While TPM allowed users to opt in and out, TPM 2.0 is activated by default when the computer boots up. The user cannot turn it off. Microsoft decides what software can run on the computer, and the user cannot influence it in any way. Windows governs TPM 2.0. And what Microsoft does remotely is not visible to the user. In short, users of Windows 8 with TPM 2.0 surrender control over their machines the moment they turn it on for the first time.
Source: LEAKED: German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA

It's like eating potato chips...

I'm on an outsourcing kick lately. Here are recent jobs posted to oDesk:

MTAT #9: Research common variable meta-information

MTAT #10: MySQL Stored Routines for String Manipulation

MTAT #11: Base 64 conversion routines in MySQL and PHP

MTAT #12: Test PDO port of Accountify (PHP / MySQL)

MTAT #13: MySQL database design review

MTAT #14: Research Flash audio recording software

MTAT #15: Create social media website logo