September 3rd, 2013


More Clarity on the Crowdfunding Perks

I've been watching various successful crowdfunding campaigns, such as one for a wearable smart vibrator that raised $130k in one month, and trying to learn as I go along. I've been tweaking the perks and numbers since I first posted my earlier spreadsheet back in June. I had realized that I may have set myself up for a potential (slight) loss on the t-shirts at $17, with low quantity and fulfillment headaches, so I upped that price, and also stumbled onto a potential custom t-shirt provider, as recommended by Indiegogo themselves. I was also charging way too little for the Pro accounts; I can still offer a significant discount while not cutting off my nose to spite my face. Not incidentally, after playing with the numbers, (and the associated numerical psychology), I've also more than doubled the theoretical best-case scenario, (with emphasis on the word, "theoretical").

So, as promised, I've significantly fleshed out the descriptions of the crowdfunding "perks". Let me know what you think. Thanks!