September 13th, 2013


"What the mind... can conceive and believe, it can achieve!"

Astute readers will have already noted that my blogging has fallen off lately. I've been in a bit of a funk in recent weeks, somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of me, and also frustrated that medium-term pursuits have generated practically no income. Granted, my savings squirreled away from the past two years hasn't dropped off sharply, but even a gradual decline is not exactly welcome.

So, I'm taking two concrete steps.

First, I bought a simple whiteboard to track all of the "next steps" for every task on my plate. I divided it into four sections: Long-term Income (, Medium-term Income (child safety kits, pay-per-click activity, Fiverr, etc.), Short-term Income (primarily my day-job and some one-off income pursuits), and Non-Income (such as household chores and planning for an upcoming two-day NY/NJ trip). I have about a half dozen tasks under each section, along with what must happen next for each pursuit. It just seemed like it would be incredibly helpful to have everything laid out in front of me, in a big/medium-picture view, so that if/when I start to lose steam/faith at 3am, I can see how things fit together, and typically find an alternative item to address, rather than squander the time.

Second, I read an executive summary of how to Think and Grow Rich in Business Insider today, and just wrote, printed and posted the following page that I will read aloud twice a day for the next year.

For those who are joining us in observation tonight and tomorrow, have an easy and meaningful fast.

I will raise
by October 1, 2014
through crowdfunding
the launch of

This will be done by releasing
Version 0 by January 1,
Version 1 by April 1, and
Version 2 by July 1.

In order to accomplish this,
I need to work three hours a day
on, and three hours a day
on medium-term income pursuits,
at least five days a week.

As I read this aloud twice daily,
I see and feel and believe that
I am already in possession
of the money.

(Adapted from Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, 1937.)