July 14th, 2014


FINAL DAY: How YOU can help keep the Internet a level field for IM

July 15 is the deadline for initial feedback to the FCC regarding Net Neutrality. I provide a link as to how you can participate, as well as my own personal response, below these two videos.

To add your own comments, go to the FCC website, and click on "14-28". Please be civil.

Source: Upworthy

Dear FCC,

Thank you for the opportunity to post this public comment.

I am one of millions of American supporters of true Net Neutrality. I urge you to please reclassify Internet service providers (ISP's) as common carriers under Title II.

Should Net Neutrality disappear, I will suffer a significant financial loss. I am currently developing a new social media website called AboutTh.is ( http://AboutTh.is ), which will give people a way to post short audio opinions for free, much in the same way that YouTube enables free video publishing.

It already costs a lot of money to host an audio-intensive website, due to the high storage and transmission costs for large data files. I do not currently have professional backing for this new business; everything is coming out of my personal pocket. If ISP's are not reclassified as common carriers, I will forced to choose between crippling fees to ride the "fast lane", (which I simply can't afford), or else watch my new Internet startup present a poor ("buffering...") end-user experience and then eventually sink into obscurity. Either route will spell certain financial ruin for me personally.

Even though my previous business eventually collapsed, I was grossing as much as $400k per year. That money was spent on American goods and services, and was a significant contributor to American jobs. I was able to use the Internet to contribute to the American economy in the past, and I intend to do so again. But in order to do so, I need to know that my government supports true Net Neutrality, serving the needs of the vast majority of American taxpayers and voters, and not the narrow interests of a few specific corporations.

Thank you again for your time and concern.

-- David Beroff

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