October 25th, 2014


Foot in the door

Finally landed my first gig at oDesk. Predictably trivial money, but it starts my reputation, increases my future application abilities, and so on. Paying one's dues, so to speak.

The work itself is mildly interesting. The client provided a rather accurate transcription of various Air Traffic Controller conversations, but oddly without benefit of any punctuation whatsoever. Those who have heard ATC chats know that there is a whole stream of short words and numbers that are used to communicate a ton of information very quickly, but you can't simply bark the words out correctly without some sense of which words connect into phrases. So I've been taking a real cursory crash-course in Intro ATC 101 to get a better sense of where to insert all of the missing commas, especially when two numbers appear to be strung together, despite belonging to separate phrases.