David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Ore Bridge: From Steel to Sands

They finally started mounting the last letter, (the initial "S" of "Sands"), on the giant ore bridge sign today, and seem about halfway done doing so now. There's one week left before the first of two test days, (the 18th and 20th), and then the casino opens on Friday, the 22nd. As it was my day off, I figured I'd finally take those pictures while I was exercising this morning. Many roads still being built or improved. Construction fences everywhere; hard to get better positioning. Sorry I don't have optical zoom. You may have to click-click to see details.

From Steel to Sands

Note the relative size of the workers on the cranes at the base of the initial "S".

Larger perspective of the south side. Click-click to see people up there.

The entire south side, from the southwest corner.

I honestly wasn't even trying in the prior shot, but later realized that its perspective is very similar to that of this artist's conception (with magical lighting everywhere) from a few months back. (Source)

Oddly, it looks like they're not planning on any signage on the north side.

West edge, "dead on". You can still kinda-sorta see remnants of large wheels at the bottom, though the north/south tracks are now gone.

Even larger perspective of south side. The parking garage starts under "ds" and goes to the right. The casino itself is to its immediate left. On the far left, you see the shell of what was/is to be the hotel; all work stopped there in October when they couldn't secure financing.

Earlier ore bridge posts: 03/24/09, 05/02/09, 05/06/09, and Google Maps satellite picture showing ~500+ foot scale.
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