David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Twitter account name change

So, I'd recently decided to better brand myself on Twitter, much the same as I had opened a second YouTube account with the name, EnglishWithDavid, to match the website. (Yeah, yeah, I haven't updated the vlog in a while, I know, I know.) First I found out that it's rather trivial to simply change one's own Twitter account name, so I won't lose any of my 36 followers. Odd, but mighty convenient. (I'd lose inbound links and other stuff had I actually marketed my @d4b Twitter account, but I hadn't.) Next I found out that Twitter user names are limited to 15 characters, and "EnglishWithDavid" has 16. Grrr... Lopping off the final "d", and other similar solutions, just seem awkward and contrived. I considered "English_w_David" for a bit, but that doesn't really flow, either.

Then I started to think more carefully about what exactly my intent is for this Twitter account. One of the things that I've been working on with Kelley Eidem recently, (as part of the promotion for his book, "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer"), is using a small pop-up supplementing other site's content with one's own. An example is how he placed his newsletter subscription form "over" an Yahoo/AFP article about preventing heart attacks with chocolate. I think that this approach can be rather powerful if executed right, and I've been encouraging him to consider the idea of recording his editorial comments on different articles, and then adding that audio to the supplemental pop-up.

So that in turn got me thinking that, even though good video takes quite a bit of effort to produce consistently, (and I still want to get back to doing so on a weekly basis), it should be easier for me to record audio, simply reading aloud the different fun articles that I keep finding anyway. Sure, one can find audio for the hard-news stories each day, (i.e., from the radio and TV websites), but I thought it'd be a nice idea to read aloud the more off-beat stuff, so as to make learning English a bit more fun. Then, I could add the audio to the supplemental pop-up, allowing the reader/listener to scroll along on the primary content, and follow along with the written English text.

Each new article/audio paring will be announced as a tweet on Twitter, and so, with that, I have changed my Twitter account from @d4b to @Listen2English.
Tags: english teaching, kelley, mtat, twitter

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