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My Twitpic tweets are not going through; very frustrating. At least I didn't delete the pictures, though the captions have to be recreated. I'll try again.

Modesto went through at least a dozen different plan changes (involving up to nine people) before we ended up with Friday's simple out-and-back trip.

Yesterday was supposed to be San Francisco, except the weather was cold and rainy when we got up. Partner had already left to fetch his brother in Fresno overnight, and Sara and Cat Lady decided to get manicures and pedicures together, leaving me alone for some me-time. Shortly after they left, the pain and the rain both dropped off, so I went on a hike to Hamilton Creek. I wanted to see the offset stream channel, where the Hayward Fault had stretched apart the creek over many centuries, creating a path for the water with two right angles. (Source (PDF)) The creek segment between those two points delineates the fault itself, and I got a picture of my feet (one on each side of that segment) getting slowly pulled apart from each other at a rate of about 1cm/yr. I'll try to post as soon as Twitpic stops screwing up. :-(

Then later in the day we were to try SF again, but that got derailed, and we headed back to homebase. Then we got Partner's Brother to the Oakland bus station.

Completely unrelated: OK, I get it. A company runs a quirky marketing campaign that's placed as a top "news item" on Yahoo! News on April Fool's Day. But c'mon, if you're going to go through the trouble of creating a crop "circle" in the shape of a QR code, at least have the decency to show a picture of the artwork straight-on, so there's a small chance some people can actually, yannow, read it.

Source: Mysterious Crop Circle Appears as BUTTERFINGER® Bars Vanish off Store Shelves in Milan, Moscow, Montezuma and Manhattan
Tags: california, marketing, qr code
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