David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

They're more than just Peeps... they're Just Born!

The campaign, which will also include television advertising starting in June and an animated billboard in Times Square in July, will cost an estimated $15 million. That is a sharp increase for the brand, which spent $125,000 on advertising in 2011, according to the Kantar Media unit of WPP....

Sam Born, a Russian immigrant, opened a candy store in Brooklyn in 1917, and to promote the fact that his candy was made fresh daily, he stuck a sign in his window that played on his name: Just Born.... He adopted the name for the candy manufacturing company he started in 1923, which in 1932 moved to Bethlehem, Pa....

The new campaign, in other words, is introducing Mike and Ike by saying they are parting ways.
Not only is this campaign risky in terms of spending half of the product's annual gross, (and over 100 times the prior year's ad budget), what's also interesting here is that the article doesn't even touch the potential risk in offending those who are less than open-minded about a same-sex couple.

Source: Reviving Two Characters by Tearing Them Apart
Tags: bethlehem, lgbt, marketing

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