David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


I had had a trial/starter version of Adobe Acrobat installed on this computer since I got it in '07, and recently saw that it was taking up 2 gig. I figured it was high time to uninstall it, but toward the very end of the process, it ran into problems restarting a print spooler service, mainly because I had uninstalled that a while ago. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to "ignore" the error and complete the uninstall, only to retry the operation or to cancel. When I chose "cancel", the program backed out of everything it had just done, i.e., it reinstalled the entire original program.

I ran the uninstall a second time, only when it got to that same dialog box, I went to shut down the computer. That didn't even display an error or anything; it just wouldn't shut down. So I went in and terminated the five instances of msiexec that were running, and then I could restart the machine. When it came back, I just went in and manually deleted the several hundred meg of files that were still there.

Now it's complaining about Adobe Reader, which shouldn't've been affected, but frankly, that's ok, because I was going to replace it anyway, with the Foxit Software PDF reader program that I'd been using since forever, but somehow got strong-armed aside by Adobe at some point.
Tags: computer
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