David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Who needs news-copters? OUR bears visit the 11:00 news set... live!

After months of almost no problems, my CRX's engine started sounding and acting oddly the last few days, and on the way to work today, a part (catalytic converter?) partially fell off and started dragging on the road. Thankfully, I was running early, and Cat Lady was able to drive me to work with her brand-new-to-her car. I even made it to my 3:30pm shift on time, barely. She continued on to get the car towed and headed towards repair, and eventually drove me home from work after midnight.

When she picked me up, she told me that when she turned on the local 11:00 news, it just showed the WNEP "backyard", devoid of people... and then some special guests appeared. If there was ever any doubt that their weather broadcast set was actually outside, that's been dispelled. A black bear and her three cubs decided to visit the set seconds before the weather guy was to start his segment:

(LJ won't let me embed this clip, so go see it on their page directly; it's worth it.)

Source: Bears invade the WNEP Backyard during the 11 p.m. Newscast
Tags: bear, cat lady, crx, scranton, weather
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