David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Ketchup Post

I worked a second graveyard shift last night. (11pm Sat - 7:30am Sun) It really messes with one's sleep rhythm. I don't think I'm going to accept another one of these types of shifts again, at least for a while. Thankfully, it was just two shifts this month. And the upside is that I got two "three-day weekends"... kinda.

I didn't get a chance to mention that I got my CRX's exhaust system replaced the other day, although they were able to save the barely-attached catalytic converter. Still, it took $440 plus the tow. :-( Thanks again to Cat Lady for orchestrating that!

I've really fallen off the wagon as far as working out at the gym. :-( Gotta fix that.

The weather had turned gorgeous Sunday, so Cat Lady and I decided to go visit Lake Scranton for a bit. We also tried to go to Nay Aug afterward, but it was closed due to some sort of race, so we'll have to return later. At least we got to see various random parts of Scranton.

We had pizza after that, but now I'm feeling pretty ill, and suspect that that was the offender. (This post took so long to write that now I'm doing much better, thank you.)

I've probably mentioned once or twice that I'd like Google Maps to allow their terrain view to zoom in another step or three, even if they don't have the raw data for any finer accuracy. Just let me see what they do have; I can accept a bit of blurriness. For now, if I'm really interested, I have to screen-cap and then use a graphics program to further zoom. :-( And speaking of GMaps, what's going on with the local Route 6 designators (left)?

Gmail upped their per-user storage from around 7 gig to 10 gig a few days ago, apparently in conjunction with the release of Google Drive. It's a good thing; I'd been inching pretty close to the limit. I wouldn't mind cleaning up the largest-attachment emails, but I can't figure out how to sort by conversation size, or something to that effect. Related: Don't Google and Drive, where Paul Myers explores privacy concerns about files stored on the new service.

I finally updated Firefox 3 to version 10 a few months ago, and have been regretting it ever since. The new version is so stunningly bloated that my computer's normally-slow responsiveness has gotten maybe ten-to-100 times worse, grinding my poor disk mercilessly. Writing this post alone took me over three hours of patient waiting for Firefox to do its thing. Forget about opening more than four or five tabs simultaneously. :-( (And I'm the type that prefers to read closer to a dozen stories at the same time.) It often gets confused as to what is the exact full-screen size, rendering some things just out of view. I've finally stopped accidentally hitting the wrong navigational keys, though, so I'm not losing as much data. And this thing crashes Flash way too often now.

Sorry; didn't mean to gripe so much there.

The recent "Bears Invade WNEP" story really grew legs over the last few days; that page now points to several national news shows that ran with it. Even Fark featured it at least twice, which they almost never do. Who would've ever thought that an old weather forecast would attract so much attention? They're even thinking of inviting the bears back for sweeps week. ;-)

I registered another domain the other day with intent on promoting the book and a few other things. Right now, I've been teaching myself some CSS for that, specifically that neat "liquid layout" trick where one can display a series of tiles which automatically arrange themselves to correctly fill the amount of horizontal space available. I'm also playing with some (cross-browser) Flash/JavaScript which lets the viewer click to copy a given field of data.

And speaking of bears... here, have a flying bear: (Source; once-in-a-lifetime shot by Andy Duann/CU Independent)

Tags: bear, cat lady, computer, crx, fec book, fsycs, gmail, health, map, marketing, scranton, tech support, weather, webdev
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