David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Remembering the days when coding was actually fun

I'm starting to get a bit dangerous, mixing HTML, CSS styling, JavaScript and Flash. :-) For an upcoming project, I've been playing with a cross-browser click-to-copy button, which mostly did what I wanted, with a notable exception that the text to be copied typically needed to reside in the source code twice. After some thought, I realized that I already had the tools to correct the problem, and commissioned the help of Nikhil Jasani at vWorker to do so. For $10, we bounced melodies back and forth across the globe, and then I sent the enhanced version back to the original author. It meets my needs, and if he wants to let others use it, too, even better. :-) Here's a little taste of what I'm up to:

And here's the corresponding source for that:

Tags: fsycs, outsourcing, webdev
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