David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Definitely settled into my "day-job" routine

Couple quick items from the past two weeks:

The CRX continues to have some starting issues; they never had totally gone away, though perhaps had diminished somewhat since the garage held their seance.

One recent non-startup was totally my fault; I had accidentally left my lights on. I was at our somewhat-quarterly powwow, and simply walked along the line of cars waiting to exit the hotel's lot until a coworker offered me a ride to work. Cat Lady then rescued me after my shift that night, and the CRX didn't even need a jump, after having many hours to rest and recover.

Shift bid was a non-event. Yet again, I got my top choice, which is almost identical to my current Sunday-to-Thursday evening shift. I just got an email last night from my current boss, letting me know that he'll be my boss again in June.

I had prepared a small document for work a month ago, asking the boss if he wanted to distribute it. Almost nothing was said, so I figured it was dropped. Then in our last team meeting, he asked me to present the ideas to the group extemporaneously. It would've been nice if he'd given me some advance warning, but I still managed to remember enough of my document (from a month before) to make a coherent presentation on the fly.

Another guy just gave notice, so now we're down to four, from the original (Feb. '11) class size of 15. A recent internal doc listed agents sorted by seniority, along with hire dates, which made it trivial to observe that attrition has been pretty consistent across all of the classes. It's gotta be frustrating for management, given a three-month training period.
Tags: cat lady, crx, tech support
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