David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Lacks Central Trip Advisor

My CRX has refused to start the last two days. We set an appointment at the mechanic's, and Cat Lady has graciously lent me her car to get to work. I just moved my car into the woods, in hopes that it may prove a bit cooler to encourage it to start for my next commute.

I decided to check the local bus system to see how viable that would be as an alternative, although I already know that they don't run at night. So, intellectual exercise, ok? Let's see... I know I've seen a bus or two near my home (where "near" is defined rather loosely as being the several-mile walk that it'd take to reach some approximation of civilization), and I may have also seen one wandering around what passes for the office "complex" that includes the Upstairs (and Downstairs) Call Centers. And, given that one already might know that the local entity is called "LCTA", one can simply find and go to their website and then start with their top-level system map. Ah... yeah, about that. (Hint: Note that the phrase "top-level system map" is not hyperlinked in that sentence.)
Tags: cat lady, crx, map, tech support
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