David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

This was never meant to be a long-term job, but...

Our new shifts started this week. Not a huge difference for me personally, only an hour later than before. (4:30pm-1am) Same Friday/Saturday "weekend". Same boss. New desk, new seat, new computer.

Only the latter was problematic. Real problematic. I didn't want to threaten to leave over it, so I didn't, but that's how strongly I had felt. I (diplomatically) let the boss know how serious this is to me. Things are already improving a bit, and he promised to watch my back as I took more steps (with IT) to address the issues.

Not in response, but later in the same conversation, he asked me to take on certain training/leadership opportunities that are coming up with the company's latest batch of new-hires. I told him that while I had considered this earlier, that I was also concerned about the inability to earn commissions during those periods. He asked me to please reconsider, and that the company did recognize these types of assignments at annual review and the like. It does also fit in with my desire to migrate to a training position if I do end up staying with the firm for a few years. So I think I'm going to do it, essentially taking the short-term hit to income as a longer-term investment with the company. Which of course means that I'm now starting to consider the job itself in a slightly longer-term light. Scary.

Unrelated, we had a bear in the parking lot today, with an email going out asking everyone to be a bit more cautious about going out to their car. Jeez, if they wanted us to put in some overtime, they couldda simply asked. ;-)
Tags: bear, teaching, tech support
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