David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Bearly Blogging Lately

Here are two recent pictures from an unknown coworker, though I think they may have been taken by my old boss. Notice they're taken in broad daylight. I cropped out the boring parking lot parts of the pictures; I suspect the remaining resolution is primarily due to the fact that few cellphone cameras have zoom lenses, and not too many people are scooting up close for a better picture. :-)

bear-garbage     bear-garbage-bin

I intentionally stayed late at work Friday morning to catch up on some training, left at about 2:45am, took my time at the gym, got home about 4:15am, and then Cat Lady and I got ready. We left for the hospital right at 5 as planned. Her back surgery went well, and I think we got home around 2pm, give or take. I really wasn't able to get much sleep at the hospital, catching it in bits and pieces, and I've still been catching up. She's in pain, of course, but this seems to be going much easier for her than her two prior foot surgeries.
Tags: bear, cat lady, health, tech support
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