David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Bear-ly on time

I finally got to see one of the bears at my day-job. I was talking to a customer when a few people all approached the windows. I was able to stand in such a way as to look outside while still sounding professional on the phone. I guess others were on break, the women cooing and aww-ing as they all watched. The baby bear was playing with the garbage bags it had stolen from the bins today, bouncing around, and ran a bit, all very relaxed and casual, much like the cats, only... bigger... much bigger. Don't know where mama was. I'm starting to suspect that their now-almost-daily daylight appearances are actually timed with the maintenance staff's schedule, who probably come out to feed the bears put out the garbage at a reasonably predictable time.
Tags: bear, tech support
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