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Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry 'bout that. This post won't likely be very long, either.

I've been working at my day-job like crazy the past month or so. Some minor bits of drama there. Sleep has also been pretty problematic. Plus, have even been getting out to socialize a few times. So no blogging lately.

Watching the Mr. Bean segment of the Olympics' opening ceremony. The Queen's purported parachute jump from out of a helicopter into the stadium was also fun.

The CRX had started wobbling over 40mph, and it looks like the solution is to replace the four wheels. Halfway done with that. Also gotta swap out a lightbulb. Replacing one problem with another: Been parking the CRX in the woods, which has allowed me to start the car 100% of the time. But I've been getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes, (I think), so I've been trying this device that emits the sound of the males, which is supposed to repel the pregnant biters, except I don't think that that theory is working. :-(

Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the Web) being featured on the Olympics show.

I finally received my copy of the TOC Guide to San Francisco, printed on Tyvek and folded using a special origami method (left). Even though I knew that it wouldn't be ready until (well) after Cat Lady and I returned from SF, I took part in TOC's journey from back in February, when I was one of their 489 crowdfunding backers to raise $16k on Kickstarter to manufacture the map. (Animation of the Miura fold is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Parade of Nations, only up to the "nation" for four Independents now.

Other highlights of the past month:

Two friends came up for a weekend, and we hiked Ricketts Glen State Park. I'll see if I can post pictures later. (It was the same day someone else fell 50 feet down there, but we'd already passed that particular waterfall earlier.) I did alright during the three-hour hike over 900' straight up the series of waterfalls, but I was frustrated that I'd wanted to do far better. That point was sort of the "last straw" that led to my finally acting on an earlier-hatched plan....

I made my first major purchase in years, an elliptical trainer, which now has an imposing presence in our rather modest home. The (obvious) hope is to fit in more exercise into our weeks.

Oh, and...

My brother and his wife have announced that they are expecting their second child early next year.
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