David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Second colonoscopy

Buncha health updates:

The elliptical has been working out exactly as planned. I've been able to work out daily, increasing duration by two minutes each day, with an initial goal of 30 minutes that I should reach by tomorrow. Cat Lady's been doing very well there, too, in line with our desire to find something that met both of our needs.

As I started to suspect that the bites on my feet may stem from something other than mosquitoes, I got two flea colors that I've been wearing around my ankles. While they haven't eliminated the problem altogether, I've seen perhaps an 80% or 90% drop in new bites, so maybe I'm closer to resolving things. Feet are still swollen from tons of earlier bites, but I know from earlier experience that gravity can be one's best friend, as soon as I can find the patience to suspend them above my torso for enough hours.

GI issues have been building back up over recent months and weeks. I suspect it's a relapse of problems from '06 (ick/NSFW-ish). I've seen local doctors, and am getting a second colonoscopy Friday morning.

Appetite and sleep have both dropped sharply the last few days, but I'm not sure if it's nerves or something tied to the GI issue. Either way, it's actually convenient for now, given that I'll be restricted to a liquid-only diet in preparation for the colonoscopy for a day and a half starting midnight tonight.
Tags: cat lady, health
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