David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


QR Code Tombstones... except they're not. And the biggest issue would be how to possibly ensure "eternal hosting"? (mortonfox recently learned that "lifetime hosting" only lasts seven years, so "eternal" can't be that far beyond that.)

Speaking of which, Cat Lady recently decided to not get buried next to her third husband. Her name and birth-year are already carved in their previously-joint tombstone, so she's toying with the idea of completing the inscription as, "1942 - Never!", mostly to confuse the absolute daylights out of 25th Century anthropologists. Her funeral director loves the idea... gotta know how to put the word "fun" in "funeral"! :-)

Speaking of which, maybe I should pitch the idea of my ghost-writing self-written obituaries to said funeral director, as part of her larger pre-need funeral planning package. Seems to be a potentially rather nice-sized business.
Tags: cat lady, death, qr code
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