David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Molly's jealous that she's not mentioned in this post... oh, wait ;-)

Yeah, I know, I've been quiet lately.

Just completed a video project for the Upstairs Call Center; unfortunately, I can't post it here. Let me know (David at Beroff dot com) if you'd like to see it and I didn't already send you a private link.

Things are still going real well with the Cat Lady. We went to see the Great American Trailer Park Musical at the Music Box this evening, (pure silliness), and we have an overnight get-away planned for next weekend.

Lady (the eldest cat) had been shivering and cozying up to things like desk lamps and routers. We had gotten her a cute pink sweater, which helped, but still seemed to annoy her none-the-less. Then we got her a covered, heated cat bed, which she really loves, and apparently has resolved the problem. We were concerned that the others would fight her for the new real estate, but after some initial explorations, they all now respect her space, and understand that she needs to spend most of her time there.

Not sure if I'd mentioned that my daughter is blogging again; I like what I'm seeing there. Granted, I'm biased. ;-)

Oh, and here, have a box of cats:

(Tiger (I think?) and Pepper)
Tags: cat lady, lady, molly, pepper, tech support, tiger, video creation
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