David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Moving back towards self-employment

Several miscommunications within the family over the past week, causing far more angst than was really necessary, but all seems settled now, more-or-less.

Lots of drama at my day-job over the last two weeks, potentially resulting in an income decrease of over a thousand dollars a month. While we haven't gotten everything completely resolved yet, management at least realized that they needed to tap on the brakes on their latest plan, so a memo was sent out that will at least defer the financial impact until the beginning of next year. I met with some key people, and we may very well be able to find a positive longer-term outcome.

Still... it's been a good reminder that I need to keep moving towards a better position. The day-job is a good one, and (up until this recent upheaval), I've been pretty satisfied with it. It may be more than a short-term gig, but I also need to keep an eye on the long-term future, and ultimately, that means going back to working for myself.

So, this morning, I bit the bullet and registered another domain for an idea that's been rattling around in my head for three years now. It would be easier (for me) to sell a software package that customers could install on their own website, but there will be far more opportunity if I run this as a hosted service, and make it trivial (and typically free) for anyone to use it. I had previously registered MyThoughtsAboutThis.com, but this morning, I committed to "AboutTh.is" . Icelandic domains cost around $50/year, (about seven times that of dot-com's), and the registration process at 1984.is occasionally wanders away from using English, but I was able to easily get along by using Google Translate. :-)

The AboutTh.is service will allow members to record their (verbal) opinion/commentary about any web page, and then publish their voice on "top" of that page. Anyone will be able to listen to other people's audio, and there will be social-media buttons for them to share the short web address. The free version will display an ad under the audio widget, and those who pay will be able to replace that with their own call-to-action, typically using a tiny lead-generation list subscription form. Each audio page will also encourage others to make their own recordings at AboutTh.is, crediting the new account to the original member, thus building the foundation of an affiliate program to pay them a cut of the ad/fee revenue stream.
Tags: family, marketing, mtat, tech support
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