David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Google Apps authentication, plus hosting in Iceland

From: "AboutTh.is Admin" <admin (at) aboutth.is>
To: (Cat Lady)
Cc: (Me)
Subject: Google Apps authentication
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 05:00:58 -0400

As I had suspected, there's a way around the "circular reference"
to which I referred yesterday, where Google Apps appeared to
require a website hosted, but one might not want to set up a
web hosting account until one got their email set up first
(or at all, for that matter).

Google Apps does allow a DNS record to be published which
demonstrates that one is in fact the owner of the domain,
and thus is permitted to send email from that domain.

This is the first email sent from AboutTh.is . :-)

Speaking of which, I noticed that http://AboutTh.is currently points to my new domain registrar's related web-hosting-business login page, presented entirely in Icelandic. Amusing. I could remove the (default) DNS records which are causing that, but I think I'll leave it like that for right now. Fun! (Or should I say, "Gaman!")

1984 - Stóri Bróðir hefur gætur á þér!     (1984 - Big Brother is watching you!)

Update: Since I'm now (10/21) getting web hosting set up, I'll just add a screenshot of the prior page to this post:

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