David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Twitter and AboutTh.is

Some quick thoughts about integrating Twitter into AboutTh.is:

When the member chooses their (optional) avatar, they can choose from Gravatar, Twitter, their own upload, or simply none of the above.

All audios will be published to our full directory of members and audios, (which can be perused by humans, but is more intended for search engine spiders).

We'll publish pages to our Twitter feed. At first, all will be published, and then, as volume grows, it'll just be for audios that reach a certain number of plays. Paid members will have a lower threshold for that than the free members.

We'll optionally publish pages to the members' Twitter feeds.

We'll also optionally present the members' Twitter profiles to be followed by visitors.

The share buttons will include a share-on-Twitter button for those visitors who actually use Twitter. (AddThis has an interesting mechanism that presents the share buttons for the services that the visitor uses most frequently.)

Update: I really should start establishing accounts before I start talking about them in public, but I guess better late than never.

Update: (Optional?) mechanism to have member's Twitter account follow ours.
Tags: mtat, twitter
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