David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Can you compound two compound words? "face-book-name-space"

First I tried to set up a separate Facebook account for AboutTh.is. The site complained about the "admin (at) aboutth (dot) is" email address, and at first I assumed the concern was with the ".is" TLD, but then I saw that they don't like role accounts. (The whole "we only like real, actual people" thing.) Fine. After I saw that business pages can have multiple admins, and admins can later be dropped, (which is the essence of transferring business assets), I figured that there was no harm in building the page under my own personal account.

Then I couldn't create the page (as me) with the name "AboutTh.is" (with mixed caps or all lowers), with or without the dot, as well as "AboutTh-dot-is" and "AboutTh.is-service", and, well, I sorta gave up. Since the whole point of my trying to do this now was to secure my place in the Facebook namespace, (try saying those seven words ten times quickly!), or more precisely, prevent others from cybersquatting it, and Facebook doesn't seem to allow me to use any reasonable permutation of the domain name, then presumably, it won't allow others to try to do so in the future, either. So, mission accomplished... sorta. :-)

At least the process forced me to start to define and refine my elevator pitch:
The AboutTh.is service is an audio blogging tool that lets you place your opinion in your voice on top of anybody else's webpage. Bloggers and other online business owners can also use AboutTh.is to help build their opt-in mailing lists of subscribers who best resonate with their ideas.

It's a work in progress; I'm certainly open to ideas.
Tags: mtat
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