David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Storm impact

We had practically no disruption from Hurricane Sandy here at home. My parents had some utility outages for the last four days. My brother and his family apparently lost their entire home; they haven't been able to return to confirm, yet.

At my day-job, the fallout from the hurricane has generated a ton of work for all of us, and that will continue for at least a few weeks. Tempers are already wearing thin, and we're far from being done.

When Cat Lady and I made our weekly pilgrimage to Walmart today, we found that they had lost their power over the past week, and had ended up tossing anything that requires refrigeration. Those areas were still pretty bare, so it's a good thing that we had stocked up our own freezer over recent weeks.
Tags: cat lady, family, scranton, tech support, weather
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