David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

AboutTh.is Hosting Requirements

I've been talking with Rackspace about their cloud servers, and the idea of being able to get a virtual server for only $16 a month is pretty sweet, except that using their (optional) sysadmins then starts adding a few hundred dollars a month. That may be very fair, but I'm not ready for that just yet. {sigh} I could outsource system administration overseas, but then there's the trust issue. So I guess I'll at least start with a small shared hosting account, working with a (probably smaller) company that can at least support some customization, as follows:

Name Servers
Permit configuration of own A, CNAME, MX & TXT records, either directly, or at least by email request.
One time: Register with the ISNIC, including registering a zone contact and the nameservers.

Inbound Email
Using Google Apps for now, but may require ability to use scripts to parse some inbound email in future.

Outbound Email
Almost all outbound emails will be for the purpose of confirming new member accounts,
(i.e., to mitigate bad behavior), so need reasonable and flexible usage limits.

Ideally, separate IP address for each tertiary domain hostname, but unlikely, due to IPv4 shortage.
In lieu of that, permit own .htaccess for redirection.

PHP 4 or 5

If using Accountify:
Pear::DB library (may no longer be needed)
GD graphics library, including Freetype text output


Configurable in some manner.

Web-based admin nice, but not absolutely required.

Administration (by host)
Regular backup of files and database.
Maintain system security.

In general, a "can do" attitude if I find I need another package installed, (within reason),
e.g., an additional PHP library along the lines of what's shown above.
Tags: mtat, outsourcing, webdev
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