David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Work x 2

Starting Week Two of Hurricane Sandy recovery at work. Things are getting slightly better, but not by huge amounts. A lot of "we have to (intentionally) break this in order to better fix that" work. I've been getting home around 4 or 5am each day. I'm guessing it'll be a total of about three weeks (from the day the storm first hit) before things settle down to somewhat normal. Customers sure don't want to hear that. At least my employer's owners have real deep pockets, because they'll need them; I dare not publish what I think this whole event is going to cost them.

Cat Lady will be leaving soon for her exit-poll gig. She did this two years ago, and they were very pleased with her work then, so she's back today. It pays quite well. But it's also dark and cold out; last time, she really froze. At least the nor'easter seems to have held off until tomorrow, so she won't also get wet and snowy, standing up high on the mountain.

boutell agreed to drop the price of a commercial license for Accountify from $200 down to $0, but he's (rightfully) suggesting that it get ported from Pear::DB to PDO. I'm willing to commission that work, and then put it back into the public domain, but the bids (so far) are a bit loftier than I had anticipated. We'll see.

I did a double-take at two of the bids, one from Alexandria, Virginia, and the other from Alexandria, Egypt. :-)

Trying to see if 1984 is the right fit for hosting AboutTh.is, and the exact same sysadmin issue arose. Isn't there some place where I can host on a beefier server, but still have the same interface and behind-the-scenes support as if it were a shared account? I can't be the only one who wants a small, dedicated (virtual-) machine without having to manage it.
Tags: cat lady, mtat, outsourcing, politics, tech support, webdev
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