David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Moving past Sandy

After two weeks, the crush of work at my day-job as a result of Hurricane Sandy has finally died down. Now things are just a normal level of crazy. :-)

Oddly, no one local bit on my inquiries to help me get a computer. I had sent out about ten emails to Craigslist advertisers, and didn't even receive one reply. :-( You'd think that someone would be interested in making a bit of money around here.

I re-read my requirements, and realized that the only part that is way outside of "normal" is the audio aspect; everything else is really pretty vanilla. So, I just posted a job to vWorker, asking for some education on sound cards, microphones and electromagnetic shielding.
Tags: computer, outsourcing, scranton, tech support, video creation, weather
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