David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

So much for low-cost outsourcing...

I am trying very hard to ignore the little nits and annoyances that I am finding as I start to play with Freelancer, but I just found out that there's a US$30 minimum project size, and that's going to be a show-stopper, at least for smaller projects. (The minimum size on vWorker was $4, and $3 of that went to the posting fee, not the Seller.) If they're not going to be flexible on that (and I doubt they are), I'm going to have to take at least some of my business elsewhere.

Anyway, here's the first project that I have posted on Freelancer:
Scrape my OWN vWorker account

My seven years' worth of vWorker data was suddenly imported to Freelancer, and I'm very frustrated with how it was done. One small example is that all formatting has been stripped, and things like hyperlinks to other sites (which were important to the respective projects) are now gone. I need you to scrape my OWN account data and save the web pages so that I will have a copy with all relevant information. This can be done by hand or with software; I don't much care, although I do want to know which approach you plan to take. (Please answer that question in your bid.)

There are a total of 223 projects as a Buyer. I need the master list of all projects, the full project description page for each project, the list of all bids (including all hidden bids, etc.), the full conversations from all bids, (both accepted and not), (even if it spans multiple pages), and include all attached files.

There are 442 projects as a Seller, although admittedly most (but not all) of these are invitations to which I never responded. The latter may be discarded, but everything else should be scraped just as it was for projects as a Buyer.

Please let me know if you have any questions. This is my first post on Freelancer. Thank you.

Skills required:
Anything Goes, Data Entry, Data Mining, Virtual Assistant, Web Scraping
Tags: outsourcing
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