David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

more AboutTh.is infrastructure setup

Even though I only got one bidder for my first oDesk project, he seems fine, so I went ahead and hired him. He's going to help ensure that clicks intended for a given subdomain actually go to that subdomain, using .htaccess to manage the traffic (and also prevent duplicate content on "wrong" URL's).

Meanwhile, on Freelancer, I have someone busily scooping my 200+ old projects (and arbitrations and...) off of vWorker before that site disappears completely.

I figured it can't hurt to start organizing said subdomains now, so I set up the CNAME aliases at http://1984.is, and asked http://RackspaceReseller.com to alias the following four tertiaries to point to the main AboutTh.is site for now:
  •   my.AboutTh.is: Configure Member accounts and record opinions
  • talk.AboutTh.is: Opinions and Member profiles
  • hear.AboutTh.is: Static audio files
  • face.AboutTh.is: Avatars and other static graphics
While I ultimately don't think I need SSL, people will sorta expect it for my.AboutTh.is, so I bought a secure cert. Symantec wants $400/yr, and I stumbled onto a GoDaddy sale for $5/yr, so they win, and I locked that in for five years. :-) Asking RackspaceReseller to process the SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR) now.
Tags: mtat, outsourcing, webdev
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