David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

oDesk wins

Please tell us what you think of oDesk, not your specific contractor. Your feedback will help us improve our offering.

I am a refugee from vWorker, having been thoroughly disgusted with the way that Freelancer abruptly stole all of my project/arbitration/community data without advance notice nor permission. OK, I wasn't a huge customer, but I had still paid vWorker several thousand dollars over the years, and deserved more than just some extra credits in what appears to be structured as a large multi-player video game, for which I'm expected to pay US$30 a turn.

Even though I have to start out once again from scratch with zero reputation, I'm happy to find that oDesk offers enough of the features that I need to make it worthwhile building a new home for my outsourcing. The biggest missing feature (compared to what was vWorker) is the lack of arbitration, (and I do realize how expensive that is), but I've decided to keep jobs small enough (and thus numerous enough) to simply "self-insure" against the inevitable problem Sellers.

As for my specific feedback on this first project, I'd recommend better communication as to how to navigate the site. I keep getting confused as to how to go back and forth between project description and my communication thread with my Seller, especially since sometimes clicking on his name brings me to that desired thread, and other times, it brings me to his profile. Similarly, I didn't always understand the progression between the typical steps of a project, and it was a bit confusing that, even after I had paid the Seller in full, I still had to close both the project and the Seller contract as two additional final steps. A full tutorial article would be ideal, but even little bubble notes that point to the typical next step would be rather helpful, especially at the beginning.
Tags: mtat, outsourcing
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