David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Winter Solstice

Nearing the end of a week-plus of planned, highly-fractured sleep. Various appointments with doctors and others that simply have to happen at certain times, almost every single day this week. One event was my day-job's shift bid, where I selected an earlier shift, going from 11:30am to 8pm, Saturdays through Wednesdays, starting next month; I'm giving up a bit of pay by doing so, but will have more time with the Cat Lady. I had a follow-up with my GI doc; things are going in the right direction there. I took Cat Lady to her foot surgery this morning; her fourth surgery since I met her two and a half years ago. She's doing well. The mild irony is that I had vaguely planned to wake up early to observe "local" sunrise and sunset times today, (the shortest day of the year), recording an expected seven hours or so of local daylight, and I actually was awake at the appointed hour, only I was at the hospital, not here. Plus, it's been dark all day anyway, due to the snowstorm.

Completely unrelated to the above rambling: Your Cellphone Is Spying on You: How the surveillance state co-opted personal technology

Also, I'm kinda toying with the idea of getting a Dragonfly robotic drone, available for only $99 for the next ten days on Indiegogo. They've now raised over $900k there from about 2k backers, which is almost as much as the $1M grant that they got from the USAF in the first place. :-)
Tags: cat lady, civil liberties, crowdfunding, health, nature, tech support
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