David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Version 1.0

While it's never going to be "finished", I've at least reached a point with the AboutTh.is database design where I feel it represents everything that I need for a minimal launch, (and then some), it's self-consistent, and has enough flexibility that I should be able to grow functionality from here without disturbing too many things once we're working with a "live" system. It may even be in Fifth normal form. :-) I'll be submitting it for Rackspace's expert review shortly, and see what sort of holes they will punch into it. Right now, it's 12 pages long, with 21 tables and 33 relationships.

Cat Lady's not been doing well; she's spending most of her time resting and recovering. It's been a quiet day here. Finished a load of laundry, and triage'd (keep/donate/trash) my entire sock collection. :-) I did make a partial French-toast run at 6am, getting milk and gas before the storm hit. Looks like we subsequently got about a half foot of snow by sunset.
Tags: cat lady, health, mtat, scranton, weather, webdev
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