David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Jet lag

Sorry haven't written lately. Cat Lady had minor complications from her surgery. I've had my hands full.

My day-job shift has shifted five hours earlier, now Saturday-to-Wednesday, 11:30am to 8pm. New hours, new desk, new computer, new boss.

Tried to see the guy who wants to build me a new computer, but he had a sudden change in schedule. Frustrating because we had a whole series of errands that had nicely fit together into a single trip.

It's been tough to move forward with AboutTh.is; hard to find time when I'm both up and available as well as well-rested enough to work on database design. Hopefully I'll have an hour or two a day more consistently with the new day-job schedule.
Tags: cat lady, computer, health, mtat, tech support
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