David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


Yesterday presented a whole bunch of stressors for both Cat Lady and me. Her computer seemed to revert back to some sort of bare-metal state. My day-job's IT group took down our primary disk system for scrubbing after they discovered some sort of malware, and it still wasn't up by the time I had left. Of course the customer calls didn't magically disappear just because I was working with three arms tied behind my back. Cat Lady and I also had a bunch of smaller annoyances throughout the day, such as my somehow leaving my keys in the refrigerator at work, thus delaying my trip home until I found them.

It took a bunch of tiny clues, but I finally concluded that what happened to her computer was that it had been installing some updates, and must've temporarily put the machine into this minimal state without any services, but then an update failed, and the normal state must not have gotten restored. She's been turning on a mess of services manually, trying to guess what each one does. She's been making good progress, although she still doesn't have a connection to the Internet. At least her screen has stopped dimming to near-invisible.
Tags: cat lady, computer, tech support
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