David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Better than sleeping on the beach

(This is a copy of an internal email I sent to the others who will be joining us on our upcoming trip. It starts with my quoting myself from an earlier email.)

> I'm pretty sure we can find accommodations cheaper than $300/night;
> think anyone'll notice if we just sleep on the beach? ;-)

Hello again!

Several of you have asked me where we're staying. My girlfriend and I
were *very* impressed with our first experience with AirBnB two years
ago, and so we decided to book with them again. We're going to stay
three more days beyond the ***** meeting. There are still rooms available
on St. Thomas for as little as $50 a night, and that often includes some
meals, concierge service, and sometimes transportation and local guides,
depending on the property selected. Taxes and fees are trivial. If you're
interested, you can get a $25 coupon towards your own first stay if you
use this (affiliate) link to visit their site:


Please let me know if you have any questions. Best of success!

[Obligatory disclosure: Yes, I get paid a bit if you use that link, but that's
*honestly* not the reason why we're such "raving fans" of AirBnB!]
Tags: cat lady, tech support, travel
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