David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Grant Trigger and Happy Trails

Today's the first time in over a week where it hasn't snowed here at least some amount during each day. No huge accumulations, but such a streak is unusual. Nicer weather today, with a major snowstorm headed our way shortly.

Lots of details and preparation (and some drama) for next month's trip. Arrangements are starting to settle, most of them courtesy of my employer for the first four days. One of the websites for a bus tour of St. Thomas [auto-plays audio] oddly has a prominent link to an "Escort Service". Ohh-kayyy... maybe this means something else in their culture? So of course I click out of curiosity, and find a provider for personal caregiver escorts for dementia patients who are vacationing in St. Thomas. It's actually a great idea for people with those needs, but... maybe they need different anchor text for that hyperlink. :-)

Rackspace doesn't allow Cloud Sites customers to install triggers and stored procedures directly into their databases, but they will review them to ensure the safety (performance and security) of the shared environment, and then install them on behalf of the customer. A bit awkward, but not entirely unreasonable. So Stephen worked with them to do precisely that, and I guess they didn't have any problem with my (newbie) code, since they apparently installed everything as-is. I still have to test everything, but it's kinda exciting, letting the database update portions of itself automatically. :-)

Pepper (cat) is desperately trying to supplement this blog entry, despite his lack of opposable thumbs. :-)
Tags: mtat, pepper, scranton, tech support, travel, weather, webdev
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