David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Partial Transition

Today's my first day off after working twelve consecutive days at my day-job. My two normal "weekend" days between the last two weeks were (voluntarily) spent on a training/leadership opportunity that was first discussed way back in June. It was a good experience, but also stretched me a bit thin, time- and sleep-wise.

I've been really busy in recent weeks; I'll split off those details to a separate post or two. But the big picture is that I've spent almost no time on AboutTh.is in at least a month, which also means that I have not made any recent progress towards my larger goal of moving back towards self-employment.

So... I'm strongly considering downgrading my day-job from full-time to half-time, so as to be able to spend more time on my own business pursuits. It's a scary step, but my day-job really loves me, (recent earnings include a brand new iPad mini, an all-expense paid trip for two to the Caribbean, as well as plenty of food, clothing, and cash), and I'm 95% certain they'll agree to half-time, rather than lose me completely. I've been taking a hard look at my expenses, and it looks like I can reasonably survive at about 60% of my current income level, so the idea of going half-time is just about do-able, as long as I can supplement income a bit with "smaller" projects or simply working additional day-job hours. I've also been building up a reasonable safety-net over the past two years in case I have to dip into savings; I'm not going to make the mistake of relying on credit again.

Part of me feels a bit guilty "leaving", (even partially), seeing as they are treating me so well. But ultimately, I have to do what's best for me, and I feel that what I am doing is a better path towards longer-term self-sufficiency.
Tags: mtat, teaching, tech support
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