David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Clothing preparation

I'm normally only minimally concerned with clothing, to keep a reasonable social presentation, but I'm definitely not a clotheshorse. This upcoming trip to St. Thomas has a very specific set of dress codes, revolving around each planned activity. There's certainly a lot more planning and packing for this trip than I'd normally invest by throwing a few t-shirts and jeans into a bag. I've been able to buy the few pieces that I didn't already have: a nice sport coat for $4 at Salvation Army, and three separate discounts that brought a classy $40 tie down to $14 at Bon Ton. Today I've been tying together outfits for each part of each day, to plan the correct presentations. Frustrating that this yields a lot more weight and volume in our bags for the flight, but it is what it is.
Tags: tech support, travel
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